The 1st Data Ethic & Sustainable Insights label

In all areas, today we can no longer do without a change in practice, a necessary transformation to respond to current challenges, particularly regarding sustainability and resource sharing. That of marketing studies and data is just as concerned.‚Äč

To enable everyone in this profession to engage in this transformation, we are creating reference standards aimed at research institutes and consulting firms in order to increase the usefulness and use of the knowledge that ‘they produce.
By relying on these new standards, we believe that new sustainable practices can emerge and thus generate a positive impact on the circulation of knowledge and also on the performance of institutes and the well-being of the individuals who collaborate there.

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The DESI label steering committee

The Steering Committee plays an essential role in the development of the DESI label. To find out more about the committee and its impact on quality standards, we invite you to consult the dedicated page

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