Why a label?
These reference standards, grouped into labels, will provide an identical evaluation standard for everyone.
Why Sugi ?
For institutes, we are a trusted third party, integrated into the ecosystem and advocating this message to their clients. It is natural for Sugi to initiate this label to act collectively.
What does it consist of ?
An audit in the form of a questionnaire on the 9 key indicators making it possible to evaluate the data circulation system and insights of a company (institute / consulting firm). 7 principles are also associated with the methodology.
What is the interest for institutes?
This label allows those who request it to build a strong communication of responsible commitment to data and to give, if they wish, a reason for the character that has become necessary as a company with a mission (within the meaning of the PACTE law) . It is an act of differentiation and commitment to their customers on the path to data responsibility.
A performance measurement tool
The evaluation in the form of scoring (rating out of 100) makes it possible to award a certificate (4 levels) to participants and to formulate operational recommendations to improve their performance.
Sugi does not act alone
Sugi relies on an independent reflection and orientation group to reflect on the criteria and guide the audit questionnaire. Furthermore, Sugi wishes to expand this committee to associations and organizations that wish to contribute to the continuous improvement process.

Do not hesitate to contact us !
A strong resonance
Sugi intends to give a very strong response to this initiative in order to become the standard in the market research profession. To become a partner, contact us.
A transparent business model
Sugi has developed a business model based on an annual subscription system to cover costs related to audit management and marketing/communication.